Feline Motion Sensor Cleans Air

Having two kitty-kats hanging around is a great pleasure. The downside is cat dander and litter dust everywhere. Fortunately, this can be managed with the use of good quality air cleaner such as the Honeywell model 50100 which has a two-stage HEPA filter.

I installed the 50100 in the laundry room where the litter boxes are located. It sucks in plenty of dust. But since it runs 24-7, it contributes to my electricity bill. Also, they have to shovel in more coal down at the power plant. Well, there is no need to run this filter while cats are sleeping, so filter automation is the next step.

The Sensor

Ebay has the SL-5408-GR Motion Sensor Security and so does Home Depot nearby for $14 which is a bargin compared to designing my own from scratch. Can you imagine this contraption being used as a kitty-kat detector. A little bit of hacking will convert it into kitty-friendly room service device.


Here you see the modified sensor sitting on a shelf about 6 inches above the floor. It detects anything that comes through the laundry room door including Brownie the Cat who is very sneaky. Detection activates the air filter for 10 minutes. Note that the sensor includes a light detector to prevent it from operating in the daytime. So if there is an overhead light, prevent it from shining on the sensor.


Hacking The Sensor

Next we see a view of the wiring. Note that the lamp sockets have been cut and removed. The sensor is tapped into an extension cord such that white is connected to neutral, black is the input power, and red connects to the load which is the air filter. The assembly is mounted on piece of food cutting board left from some previous hack project. Well, sawing polystrene does not create any dust.


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