The Sandisk e260 MP3 Player is a sturdy device with a “liquid metal” exterior frame and an inner aluminum frame for the lithium-ion battery. However, mine did not work after falling on the floor. Instead the rotating selector ring was always illuminated and the reset procedure (press the menu button for 20 seconds) did not respond. Fortunately, this can be fixed. Explanation follows with a couple of photos. The first shows the e260 and the Sansa Clip for comparison. The next will show the disassembled e260 and how to fix it.


Next we see the disassembled Sansa e260. Note the postage-stamp size circuit board (with white sticker) at the top of the fuzzy photo. This board is held in place by tape and the friction of a miniature socket. The shock of falling on the floor jars it lose. Remove and press back this board to reconnect. Next, press down the menu button for 20 seconds to reset the Sansa.


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